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Thursday, 1/1/09

Happy New Year!  I'm sorta bummed that we had to do school - it's a holiday!

After school, we went to the beach.  Rio Dulce and Gotta Life were there, so we all walked to Oceanside.  I had fun bodysurfing with most of the other kids.  Some kids skimboarded.  That was a lot of fun.

More Cowbell came over for a snack dinner.  Sam, Chris and I played with Legos.  I am

Friday, 1/2/09

Today we did the usual school and beach.  Rio Dulce and Gotta Life were there.  All the kids played tag.  We didn't go to Oceanside, but we still had a ton of fun.  We also explored the trails behind Chat 'N Chill. After dinner, Bro & I watched Indiana Jones:  Temple of Doom.  I didn't like it.   I am
J. ©

Saturday, 1/3/ 09

We did what we always do - school & beach.  Rio Dulce, Gotta Life & we went to Oceanside today.  The waves were bigger than last time, so bodysurfing was awesome.  I tried to skimboard on the sand just after the wave went out like Brady did, but I fell and got a bad rub burn on the coarse sand.  I had fun.  I played a bit of volleyball too.  We met David today, a 13yr. old on Niña, a 70ft. schooner.  He showed us some cool stuff at the beach.  He is nice.  I am

Sunday, 1/4/09

Mom played her flute at Beach Church today.  She played a duet with Mr. Bill from Nice 'n Easy.  He has a keyboard.  It sounded really good.  Dad baked a coffee cake for fellowship hour.  It tasted okay.

After church, we went to More Cowbell.  We sailed out of the harbour on their boat to fish.  We put out four lines.  After being out for a long time, we got a hit.  It pulled really hard, and then pulled harder.  Then it stopped pulling.  We reeled in 1/3 of a 7ft. (that's our estimate) Wahoo.  When it pulled harder, it was probably a shark ripping off the other 2/3 of the fish.  But the 1/3 we got gave each family 4 or 5 meals.  I still wish we had gotten the whole fish.

While we were sailing, Bro, Sam and I played Madden '08, Halo 3, and Star Wars Lego on Sam's X Box 360.  When we got back to the anchorage, they came to our boat for a good dinner of fresh Wahoo.  I am happy.©

Monday, 1/5/09

Today we did school.  After that, Mom & Dad went to town, so Bro and I went to More Cowbell.  We played Burnout 3 Takedown with Sam on his X Box 360 for a while and then Ms. Dana took us to the beach.  All the kids (Rio Dulce, Gotta Life, Sam & us) played Capture the Flag, Seek & Go Hide (aka Sardines), and Freeze Tag.  It was a lot of fun.  I am

Tuesday, 1/6/09

After school, at 10:00am, Mom & Dad went to a bridge class at St. Francis.  Obviously, Bro & I had to come.  We read, drew in our sketch books, and played cards.  We kept busy.

Mom & Dana went to town to do laundry and all the kids stayed with Dad.  He took us to the beach at beachtime, and we (the kids) played Capture the Flag again.  My team lost, again.  But, it was still a lot of fun, again.   Then at 4:00, Dad took us to a potluck at Hamburger Beach. Mom and Dana were not back yet.  All the kids came, so we had fun.  We played tag, freeze tag, and tackle tag.  That was fun.  There was good food too.  I am happy.©

Wednesday, 1/7/09

Around 9:00am, Mom took Chris to the dentist to deal with some weird teeth.  He got four teeth pulled!

While Mom and Chris were at the dentist, Dad & I went to Joy.  Dad & Mr. Mark talked about our fridge problem, and I met Adam.  We played cards for almost the whole time.  I had fun.  Then Adam came back to our boat.  We played for a while and then David came.  We all ate lunch and then went to the beach.  Chris and Sam built cool tunnels in the sand.  I am happy.©