Thursday, 1/8/09

I went with Mom to a seminar at St. Francis.  An orthopedic surgeon gave a long question and answer speech.  Mom has something with her knuckles that she wanted to learn about.  I did school.

Later at the beach, Sam & I made a small tunnel system.  I started playing with my toy soldiers in the tunnels, but Sam left and I got bored.  Chris, David and I each brought a dollar to get French fries at Chat 'N Chill.  They were tasty.  I am
J. ©

Friday, 1/9/09

While Bro & I did school this morning, Dad went to town.  At Mom's Bakery, he bought a chocolate rum cake, buns, and bread.  It's all tasty.  Mom's Bakery is famous among cruisers.

Chris and I hitched a ride to the beach from More Cowbell 'cause Mom & Dad were taking too long.  More Cowbell has guests on board that came too.  There is a girl that played with us.

At the beach, we played Capture the Flag.  We also played elimination tag.  I am
J. ©

Saturday, 1/10/09

At 10:00 this morning, I went with Dad and Chris to a fishing seminar on the beach.  It was very interesting.  Now Dad has a list of stuff to get at Fishing Tackle Unlimited when he goes to Houston tomorrow for business.

At 2:00, Chris & I went to a kids' volleyball clinic on the beach.  Other kids came too.  Mr. Ollie taught us all we needed to know and then we played a small game for practice.  But we got tired and took a break, and other people started a game on the court.  I learned a lot.  I am happy. ©

Sunday, 1/11/09

Dad left this morning.  He had to go back to the States for work.  The water taxi was supposed to pick him up from our boat at 6:45am, but it didn't come.  So we had to quick bring Dad across the harbor in our dinghy so he could get a regular taxi to the airport.  But then, that taxi didn't come either.  We waited a long time.  Then we walked to the Peace 'N Plenty hotel and they called Junior, Taxi #4 for us. Dad was really nervous about missing his plane, but he didn't.

Church today was the same as always.  There were no people playing instruments - that's the only thing that wasn't the same as always.  I liked the service.

At the beach today, we met Ayla, a 12 yr. old.  She is nice.  Like everyone who has ever been here, it took 15 min. to make her try swinging off the tree.  Like everyone, she loves it.

At Hamburger Beach this evening, Ms. Tina on Scud had a small party.  The only kids there were Ayla, Chris, Warren, and me.  After eating a roasted hot dog and roasted marshmallows, the kids built our own fire.  We hand-dug a small fire pit near the water, filled it with bark, kindling & other fuel, and then I used a thick stick to transfer fire from the main fire.  I had lots of fun.  I am happy. ©

Monday, 1/12/09

Today we did the usual George Town routine of get up, do school, and go to the beach.  I had fun today at the beach.  The kids who come here every year (Rio Dulce & Gotta Life) made a fort in a forest clearing from logs and boards fastened with string.  Older kids found and wrecked it, so we all re-built it today.  The only downside was the mosquitoes.  I am happy. ©

Tuesday, 1/13/09

Today was the same as yesterday.  All the kids except us went to the poker clinic 'til 3:00pm, so I was bored on the beach for an hour.  When the kids arrived, we worked on the fort some more.  We also played volleyball.  I had tons of fun.  I am
J. ©

Wednesday, 1/14/09

Early this morning, we went with Mr. Alan and a couple of other people to Oceanside to pick up trash.  We walked around on the beach with large trash bags picking up trash that washes up on shore.  In the end, we picked up over 35 bags of trash total.  The beach looks great.  We did a great thing.  It used to look trashy.

The rest of today was pretty much the same as everyday here in George Town.  At the beach, Chris swung and his head hit my eye.  Now I have a black eye.  I was hurt various other times at the beach today too, so I was not a happy camper.

At 5:45pm, Mom dropped Chris and me off at Three @ Sea, Ayla's boat.  The whole gang from the beach was there.  We all watched Get Smart .  It was hilarious!  I loved it.  There was popcorn, chocolate chip cookies, and M&M's.  Before and after the movie, we all played on the four decks of their trawler.  I liked their cat, Dilly.  I had fun.  I am happy. ©
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