Thursday, 1/15/09

At around 9:30am, we went into town because we had appointments with Dr. Lee, the dentist, to have our teeth cleaned.  When we were done, we did laundry.  The supply boat from the States came today, so we also shopped.  We got to the beach at 3:00pm.  This evening, Mom went over to More Cowbell for a drink and Sam came over here.  We are anchored right next to each other.  We played Trout, but none of us had a very good time at it because none of us were catching fish.  So, we played with Legos instead.  I am happy.©

Friday, 1/16/09

I did school almost all day today.  A hard composition about the Constitution was the problem.  But I finished it.
  We didn't go to the beach because a norther blew in and it was cold and windy all day.  After dinner, Chris and I taught Mom how to play Texas Hold 'Em.  It was fun.  I am happy. ©

Saturday, 1/17/09

Today was great. After school, we went to St. Francis for the Beach Church practice.  I'm not in the choir, so I brought my computer to try to pick up an internet signal with my new wireless card I got for Christmas.  But I couldn't pick up a signal and Bro didn't have time to mess with it, so I played Bookworm.

We had a fun time at the beach.  I got mad at Ayla, David, Geneva & Brady for excluding me, but Mom and I talked about it and I felt better.  But after that, we all had tons of fun.

Dad came home tonight.  He brought tons of stuff, including cereal. I am happy. ©

Sunday, 1/18/09

We went to Beach Church this morning.  It was about the same as always. Mom played her flute.  The kids set up secret channels for the VHF radio.  They are secret, so I can't write them down here. After a bit of school, we called each other on the secret channels and all met at the beach and played a game of kids' volleyball, but it turned into just playing around.  When the ball hit the ground, somebody would pick it up, hit it, and say, "It's still in the air!"  It was fun.

At 5:30, we went to St. Francis to play Trivial Pursuit.  All the other kids were there and on one team.  Our team, the Kick-Butt Kids (also known as the Awesome Peeps) got 25 of 40 wrong and got last place.  When it was over, all the kids went to Oceanside.  The beach is cool and scary at the same time when it's dark.  I had fun this evening.  I am
J. ©

Monday, 1/19/09

Around 8:30am, Mom & Chris went to sell Regatta T-shirts, so Dad and I went spearfishing.  I used my new pole spear.  We went to two reefs.  The first reef was very deep with not many fish.  The second reef wasn't deep.  I saw a school of parrotfish that I followed to a coral head swarming with snapper, grunts, parrotfish, and blue tangs.  I took quite a few shots, but missed every time.  Dad got a queen triggerfish and a lobster that I spotted.  I saw string-like things wiggling in a hole, dove down, looked in the hole and saw a lobster.  Then we picked up Mom and Bro and went to the beach.

Dinner was Mahi Mahi in a tasty lobster sauce.  After dinner, Chris and I watched Cheaper By The Dozen 2 while Mom and Dad watched an adult movie.  It was hilarious.  I am happy. ©

Tuesday, 1/20/09

Today is Inauguration Day!  At 10:00am, we went to St. Francis to watch the Inauguration on TV. It is a very historical day because Obama is our first black President.  In the beginning, they just showed former presidents, such as Bush, Clinton & Carter.  Just before Joe Biden was sworn in, Aretha Franklin sang "My Country 'Tis of Thee."  She has a pretty voice.  Then Joe Biden was sworn in as Vice President.  He just had to repeat some words.  I expected more than that.  It was the same with Obama when he was sworn in as President.  He repeated some words, everybody clapped and that was it.  In between the two, Yo-Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman, Anthony McGill, and Gabriella Montera (all are famous musicians) played "Simple Gifts."  It was very pretty.  It all ended with a singing of the National Anthem.  Everyone cheered.

Then we went to the beach.  More Cowbell came over for dinner.  After dinner, Chris, Sam, & I watched Journey to the Center of the Earth while the adults played bridge.  I am
J. ©

Wednesday, 1/21/09

Today was windy and cold, so we stayed on the boat all day.  But it calmed down in the evening, so we went to a beach to pick palm fronds for basket weaving.  On the way back we stopped at More Cowbell to discuss plans to go to Long Island tomorrow.  I am
J. ©
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