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Thursday, 1/22/09

Today we left George Town at 7:30am and had a nice sail to Thompson Bay, Long Island.  After we all anchored, we were invited to Rio Dulce for cocktails.  So were Gotta Life and More Cowbell.  All the kids pretty much sat around and talked and played on the trampoline.  I am happy. ©

Friday, 1/23/09

In the morning, Mom, Chris & I went to the Thompson Bay Inn to check things out.  We met Tryphena, the lady who owns the place.  It is somewhat famous among cruisers.  We learned some stuff about renting cars and that she is making a big dinner for the cruisers tonight.

Later in the day, Mom, Bro and I went with Ms. Dana and Sam to the Oceanside to explore and find shells while Dad and Mr. David went to the Thompson Bay Inn for internet.  We didn't find many shells, but we did find sea hearts (a type of sea bean).  Chris, Sam & I climbed into a cave in the rocks above the beach.  We climbed up boulders to get there and the wall was very steep.  When we got there, we just hung out and Mom and Ms. Dana took pictures of us.  We had fun there.

We walked back and met Dad and Mr. Dave at the Thompson Bay Inn for Ms. Tryphena's special dinner.  It was a tasty buffet of Bahamian food and it was delicious.  It was very dark when we had to walk back to our dinghies.  We had to walk through a trail in the woods and the only light we had was Ms. Dana's cell phone.  We all hung on to the person in front of us and we finally made it.  On the ride back, we held on to each other's dinghies for fun.  I am happy. ©

Saturday, 1/24/09

Today was awesome!  We rented a van with More Cowbell to drive around the island.

1st stop:  The Columbus Monument.  This is Columbus' 3rd stop in the New World.  The dirt road leading up to the monument had a lot of huge rocks, so after driving a while, we decided to walk the last mile.  The monument was cool and honored Columbus and the Lucayan Indians who lived here at the time.  It was on top of a hill, so it had a great view of the surrounding area.

2nd stop:  Cape Santa Maria beach.  There was soft sand, cold water and big boulders here.  We mostly came so we could wash our legs and feet after the hike on the dirt road.  We didn't stay long.

3rd stop:  A blue hole.  Three feet from the beach, there is a blue hole that is 600 feet deep.  We brought our snorkel gear so we snorkeled around.  There were a lot of fish.  Chris, Sam & I jumped off a 10 ft. cliff into the water.  It was fun.  I found a ton of sand dollars and shells.

4th stop:  Hamilton Cave.  We walked 1100 feet into the cave with the guide.  The Lucayan Indians lived here and many artifacts were found here in 1958.  There were a lot of stalactites.  Some had salt crystals on them!  A cool thing was the "calcium curtains."  Water runs down the walls in the exact same path every time.  Over time, the calcium in the water builds up, making a "curtain."  They were really neat.  Another cool thing in the cave was all the fruit bats.  The guide knew where they were and would shine his flashlight on them and they would all fly.  They are tiny and cute.  With their wings folded in, I don't think they are bigger than my small journal page (6" X 4").  They are the cutest things!

5th stop:  St. Paul's Episcopal Church.  This church was built by Father Jerome.  It has two steeples and is pretty on the inside.  I liked it.

6th stop:  St. Peter's Catholic Church.  This church was also built by Father Jerome.  It is simpler than St. Paul's Church.  We all climbed up on of the steeples for a great view.

7th (last) stop:  Rowdy Boys Bar & Grill.  We ate dinner here.  I had a yummy cheeseburger.  Then we returned the van and went home.  It was a nice day.  I am happy. ©

Sunday, 1/25/09

At 11:00am, we went with More Cowbell, Rio Dulce, Gotta Life & Three @ Sea to the Oceanside.   We went to a different beach than we went to the other day.  There weren't any sea beans or shells, so we all found cool junk (such as bottles) instead.

At 6:00pm, More Cowbell came over for cocktails.  Chris, Sam, and I watched Bonanza.  I am happy.©

Monday, 1/26/09

Today we left Thompson Bay and sailed back to George Town.  We might not see More Cowbell again since they are moving on to Water Cay, but I think we probably will.  I hope so.

Bro & I were sent to our room for two hours after our arrival for roughhousing. After dinner, Mom and Dad taught us how to play Spades.  It is a fun game and I am pretty good at it.  I am happy.©

Tuesday, 1/27/09

We did school today until noon.  After lunch, Dad left to go to the States to work for two weeks.  At 2:00pm, we went to the beach.  Rio Dulce, Gotta Life and Three @ Sea aren't back from Long Island yet, so we met two new boys on s/v Priority.  I made friends with Declan, the 9yr. old, and Bro did the same with Dakota, the 12yr. old.  There is also a 7yr. old boy, Michael, from another boat. We dug cool sand mountains with paths for a tennis ball to spiral through. I helped with Declan's path.  I had fun.  I am happy. ©

Wednesday, 1/28/09

Today was like yesterday.  After school, we went to Hamburger Beach for a HAM Radio Seminar.  I'm not a HAM operator, so I was bored.  Adam was there, so we played.  Then we went to the beach where Bro and I made tennis ball paths with Dakota, Declan & Michael.  I made my own path.  It started with a steep drop down a mountain into a tunnel.  Then it had a jump (the ball just rolled over it though).  After that, it went through a small tunnel, jumped again (this time the ball did jump), and then dropped into a water filled hole (which took a long time to dig to).  I had fun.  I am happy. ©

Thursday, 1/29/09

Today was okay.  After school, Mom and I went to Nice 'N Easy to get internet.  I was bored.  On the way, we stopped at Charisma to see Mr. Bill's Quaker parrot, Abigail.  That's the same type that flies around Kemah.  She can sing "Good Morning to You" and can say "Thank you, Excuse me, Excuse you, Aflac, Here kitty, kitty," and can also mimic sneezing!

After dinner, we played Scrabble.  Bro won.  I made some good words, like "stealth".  I had fun.  I am happy. ©

Friday, 1/30/09

After school today, we went to town.  I read while we did laundry.  We got bread and buns at Mom's Bakery.  When we were done with laundry, we went to the grocery store.  We also went to the Straw Market where Bro & I got ankle bracelets.  Mine is brown with a shark tooth.  Chris' is black with colorful banks and shells.  When we got back, we went to the beach and built tennis ball paths with Priority (Dakota & Declan).  I am happy. ©

Saturday, 1/31/09

The winds were high today.  Many boats dragged, including us!  Within minutes of Mom calling on the radio that we were dragging, we had three men pulling up the anchor (Mr. Bill on Rocinante, Mr. Alan on Nutmeg and Mr. Tom on Anania) and one helping Mom in the cockpit (Mr. Jerry on Lady Rae).  There was a lot of yelling and running.  While I was making sure we didn't hit the boat behind us, the shark tooth on my ankle bracelet gave me a gash on the little bump on my ankle.  It still hurts when I touch it.

Before we dragged, Footloose dragged almost on top of Mystic.  Another boat that I didn't see dragged into Mystic earlier, so the guy was freaked out.  When we (a boat that had just dragged) re-anchored in front of him, he put out fenders!

We stayed on the boat all day today because of the winds and did school.  I am happy. ©