Monday, 6/1/09

Today is June 1st!  We sailed to Marsh Harbour.  We shopped and even got bagels for tomorrow!  That's a treat.  Yum, yum.

We continued on to Great Guana Cay for the night.  We were supposed to go offshore today and directly to the US, but the weather has changed.  Although it is nice right now, if we go offshore, we will get hit by a storm that is coming.  So, we have decided to work our way up the Abacos until we get a better weather window.
  I am happy. ©

Tuesday, 6/2/09

Today was good.  We sailed to Manjack Cay.  I really wanted to come here since it was one of my favorite places last year.  We went exploring up the creek in the dinghy.  We saw 3000 jellyfish, 300 mosquitoes, 30 fish, and 3 turtles.  I really like going up the creek.  It is fun.  I am happy. ©

Wednesday, 6/3/09

We sailed to Allens-Pensacola Cay.  We walked to the signing trees.  Our sign was there, but the antlers were missing.  Somebody unscrewed them and took it off.  Why would somebody do that?  We added that we were here in '09, and left the rest of the sign on the tree.

We walked along the beach for a while and Chris and I had fun jumping off the sand cliffs formed by erosion of the waves.

Two of our hermit crabs, Kermit the Hermit and Monsieur Stowaway, escaped from the bucket today.  We don't know where they are, but on the way home from the signing trees, Dad found a large crab that we named Godzilla.  It's our biggest.  I found Franz.  He's really tiny and is our smallest.  That's it for today.  I am
J. ©

Thursday, 6/4/09

Today was okay.  We sailed to Great Sale Cay.  Mom, Bro & I went to the beach and found four hermit crabs (Franz, Helmet,Topsale, and Swyrble).  Swyrble had to be put back 'cause he was too big.  I am
J. ©

Friday, 6/5/09

Today was okay.  It rained almost all day, so we did school.  At 4:30, the rain ceased fire, so we could explore.  We went up a beautiful creek full of thick mangroves and saw a never-ending school of minnows that all jumped - thousands of them - when they heard the roaring dinghy motor.  It was cool.  Everybody claims to have seen turtles, but I never saw anything.

Zed and Godzilla, two of our hermit crabs, escaped today.  We found Godzilla, but Zed is still missing.  Chris and I are going to try to improve Hermie Bucket so that this can't happen anymore.

We are about to watch Stuart Little.  We are going offshore to the States tomorrow.  I am happy. ©

Saturday, 6/6/09

We started our passage to the States today.  Before leaving, we burned some trash on the beach.  While we were burning trash, we took a walk along the beach.   We saw a small nurse shark swimming along the water's edge.  We took a couple of pictures of it.  It was really cool.

We left Great Sale Cay around noon.  After 4hrs. of good weather, we hit a few squalls.  There was a lot of wind - more than we've ever been in before, but we couldn't be sure because our anemometer is broken.  We tried to get away from the storms, but we couldn't because they had surrounded us.  The waves were huge and we were pitching back and forth.  I was really scared, especially when Dad said he had to go up on deck to drop the sails.  It lasted a long time, but it eventually died down and we headed on our way.  Now things are calmer.  I am happy. ©

Sunday, 6/7/09

Today was good.  After some school, we just hung out.  We hit not squalls.  We went fast with good wind.   We are in the Gulf Stream which gives us about 3 extra knots.  I will go to sleep now so I can get up with Dad at 3:00am to help with his night watch.  I am
J. ©
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