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Sunday, 3/1/09

Today is March 1st!  At Beach Church this morning, Chris, Erin, Geneva and Brie formed an all youth band and played "Amazing Grace."  Chris played the clarinet, Erin the flute, Geneva the saxophone, and Brie the keyboard.  It was cool.

After Beach Church, we did our science experiments.  Colton, Brian, Ms. Kathryn, Mr. Josh and I went to the South Cut in Tortue's (Ms. Kathryn's) skiff.  We went to four different locations near the South Cut.  We did three tests at each site: a floating coconut test (test 1 - for water flow), a sediment test (test 2) and a secchi disk test (test 3 - both for water clarity).  In test 1, we floated a coconut a certain distance and timed it.  In test 2, we scooped sand (sediment) from the bottom, shook it up in a bottle of water, and saw how long it took to settle and make the water clear.  In test 3, we placed a secchi disk (a round disk with black and while triangles on it) underwater, swam backwards and measured the distance to where we couldn't see it anymore.  It was a lot of fun.  Test 1 didn't really work.   The coconut was too heavy and the current couldn't carry it.  We brought all our results back to Volleyball Beach and finished the sediment test there so we could all put the same amount of sediment in the same type bottle with the same amount of water.  Then Ms. Kathryn helped us figure out which spot had the best water.  The clearest spot overall was the 4th location of the North Cut (a different group went there). I had fun.  I am
J. ©

Monday, 3/2/09

A front came through early this morning, so it blew hard most of the day.  Mom and Chris took the water taxi to town to listen to Chris Parker's seminars.  We listen to him every morning at 6:30am on the SSB radio.  He gives out the main source of weather for cruisers.

Dad and I stayed at the boat and cooked.  We decided we wanted to start our show, so we taped it on the video camera.  We went to a happy hour at Hullabaloo this evening, so we cooked up mini- pizzas, grilled flatbread sticks, and the best of all - my special Goombay Punch:  1 Strawberry-Orange-Banana Crystal Light, 1 can guava nectar, and 2 cans Bahamas Goombay Punch.  It was a huge hit.

At the happy hour, Shining Time and More Cowbell were also there.  Colton and I scared Darby and the two young boys off Shining Time who were playing with Darby.  Then More Cowbell came back to our boat for dinner.  Sam, Chris and I played with Legos.  I am
J. ©

Tuesday, 3/3/09

This morning, Chris Parker gave a seminar at Hamburger Beach, so we went over and I met him.  I shook his hand and took a picture with him.  He looks totally different than I thought.  Now, when we are listening to him on the SSB radio, I can match a face to the voice.  Then I helped Mom find palm fronds for weaving baskets.

After that, we went to the beach.  Colton wasn't there, so I played with the other kids.  I am happy. ©

Wednesday, 3/4/09

We left George Town today.  The waves were rough, so we rocked and rolled and I got seasick.  Chris and I made a game like Dungeons & Dragons, but easier, simpler, not as fun, but still fun.

It all calmed down when we came in the cut at Great Guana Cay.  We stopped with Socia at Oven Rock to see a cave.  We hiked up a big hill in the forest on an overgrown path.  It took about half an hour to find the cave.  It got a lot of cuts and scrapes.

The cave was cool and big.  There was a huge freshwater lake in the middle.  It was formed by rainwater that drips through the top of the cave.  There are stalagmites and stalactites and there are even cave shrimp in the lake.  I had fun.

We invited Socia over for dinner.  Kook helped me improve Chris and my Dungeons & Dragons game.  I am
J. ©

Thursday, 3/5/09

We sailed to Big Major's Spot with Socia today.  Chris and I actually sailed on Socia.  We mostly hung out with Kook & Toot in the huge cockpit.  We went so fast.  They're a small catamaran, but it's huge on the inside.  We got here at least an hour before Liberty.  First we went to Dog Beach.  Three @ Sea is here, so we picked up Ayla.  We all went to a cave where goats sleep.  We saw a small black Billy goat.  Kook followed it, but the rest of us went back.  It was cool.

When Mom and Dad came, we ate some lunch and then we went to Pig Beach to see and feed the pigs.  The pigs swam out to greet us in our dinghy and beg for food.  They were in luck; we brought some old cucumber slices for them which they ate right out of our hands.  They were fun to watch swimming out to meet dinghies.  Kook went off to find goats (he's obsessed with them) while the rest of us built a stone fort with rocks.  I made a short spear by jamming the tip of a Century plant into stick.  The pigs would come into the fort, even with our attempts to keep them out by building higher walls.  At least they were polite; they would use the entrance.   I had fun.   I am
J. ©

Friday, 3/6/09

Today was great.  At 10:00am, we went to Thunderball Grotto, a famous cave used in the movie with 007.  There were a few fish on the outside, but most were just inside the cave.  You have to swim into the cave.  There isn't much coral, but a lot of fish.  You can feed them, so we brought food.  I wanted to feed  a Spanish hogfish, but couldn't reach it.  So I dropped some food.  While all the sergeant majors nibbled at it, the Spanish hogfish came up and ate from my hand.  It was cool.

After lunch and some school, we went to Pig Beach with Kook, Toot, Claudia and Ayla.  We all made our fort bigger and better.  Then Kook and I went out to watch goats return to the caves.  We went into the forest and saw a few goats before long.  We stopped still, and they left.  Then we continued.  Nearing the caves, we saw more goats on a ridge.  We watched for a while, then they left and we continued.  We saw two more and then I went back to the beach.  Kook came back later.

Today is Mr. Peter's birthday.  Ms. Monika brought two cakes to the beach.  One was chocolate and one was lemon. We had to hide them from the pigs!  We made a bonfire for the celebration and we all roasted marshmallows.  I had lots of fun.  I am
J. ©

Saturday, 3/7/09

Today was good.  Socia and Three @ Sea left, so now it is just us and Tauá.  We went to Thunderball Grotto again.  It was the same, but I used the underwater camera for the first time.  I got great pics.

When we left the Grotto, we dinghied around to explore the surrounding area and little islands.  We had to cross the cut which had a little bit of a strong current, but we made it fine.  We landed the dinghy on a small island that had a few hills and small cliffs.  The waves would crash into the cliffs and make a huge spray.  Sometimes, the ocean water crashed over the cliffs, forming small pools.  Chris and I waded across them a few times for fun.  The water was actually pretty warm.

In the afternoon, we went to the beach.  Chris and Claudia went waterskiing.  I tried but couldn't get it right.  So, I just hung out on the beach.  I had fun.

We watched Monster's Inc. this evening.  I liked it.  I am happy. ©