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Sunday, 3/8/09

Today was great.  We hung out in the morning and dinghied to Staniel Cay to get some provisions around 12:30 after lunch.  We walked around for a while and then went to the store.  On our way back to Liberty, we dingied around the anchorage looking at caves.  There is a lot of limestone that has broken off and formed ledges at the edge of the island and we dinghied under them.  That was a bit scary.  Dad was the only one that wanted to do that, and he was the driver, so we had no choice.  We drove the dinghy up to one cave and climbed into it and explored for a minute.  There was nothing in there.

After that, Tauá came over for conch fritters.  Claudia is sleeping over tonight because Mr. Peter had to rip her bed up to fix something.  We played with Legos. I am
J. ©

Monday, 3/9/09

After playing with Legos, waterskiing, and having a great pancake breakfast, Claudia left.  At noon, we left to go to Pipe Creek.  We got here in 3 hours and it took an hour to anchor safely.  Chris and Mom had to go in the dinghy and find the path in.  There is a channel to get in to Pipe Creek, but around the channel it is very shallow and there is a lot of coral.  Dad and Bro dinghy trolled this evening, but didn't catch anything.

While we sailed here, I played Net Hack.  I am in the middle of an awesome game that I had to save.  I am Xa, the archeologist.  I have $3666 (I killed a shopkeeper with a platinum wand of cold to see if I could.)  I can't wait to continue.  I am happy. ©

Tuesday, 3/10/09

We did school this morning while Dad spearfished with Mr. Peter on Tauá and Mr. Walter (one of Tauá's two guests).  They didn't get anything.

When Dad got back, we all went in the dinghy and explored.  We walked a path to the oceanside.  In the tide pools, we saw rock-boring urchins, long-spined urchins, chitons, mantis shrimp, and something I've never seen before - blunt-spined brittle stars.  They quickly move away when you move the rock they are hiding under.  If you put one on your hand, it will be falling off within 10 seconds!  It was cool.

After exploring, we went to Compass Cay marina for fuel, but they didn't have any.  We ended up talking for a while with Exodus, a power yacht from Texas.  There were two nurse sharks swimming around their boat.

On our way back to Liberty, we stopped at a sand bar that is exposed at low tide.  There were lots of juvenile conch.  Some were living, but many were empty shells.  We found some nice shells.

For dinner tonight, Dad made pasta with a saffron sauce, beans, and salad.  On Sunday nights, back at home, we would watch a show called Iron Chef America.  The contestants had to make food in a certain amount of time and their food would be rated by judges.  There was always a certain ingredient that had to be in every dish.  Tonight on Liberty, Chris and I played Iron Chef Pipe Creek.  We rated Dad's dinner.  I gave Dad a 9 for taste on the pasta, 4 on the originality because it was from a cookbook, and 4 for the presentation.  On the beans, I gave him a 6 for taste, 6 for the originality and 3 for the presentation.  For the salad, I gave 5 for taste, 3 for originality, and 2 for taste.  It was a lot of fun.  I am happy. ©

Wednesday, 3/11/09

We did school this morning.  Then Chris, Dad and I went spearfishing.  I got a small Nassau grouper, but that was it.  The reef was very pretty.  Then Bro and Dad went fishing (just a rod and reel) in the dinghy, but caught nothing.

While they fished, I stayed home with Mom and played Net Hack.  Xa died.  I killed another shopkeeper.  I had 9360 pts. when I died.
We played Spades this evening.  All four of us went nil (on different rounds).  Mom, Dad, & I were successful, but Chris tried and messed up.  Mom & I won.  I had fun.  I am
J. ©

Thursday, 3/12/09

Today was good.  We went dinghying up a mangrove creek, but it was too shallow.  We trolled a line and caught a houndfish.  We released it even though they are good eating and make good offshore bait.

In the afternoon, we snorkeled where we did yesterday.  Chris, Dad and I spearfished, but got nothing.  Then we dinghied to the Twin Cays, islands about two miles from here.  They are almost connected by a sand spit that is exposed at low tide, but there is a deep channel at the end.  It is very pretty.  We found tons of shells and sand dollars.  I found a tiny sand dollar literally the size of a nail head.  I had fun. 

We played Spades again tonight, but Mom and I lost by 300pts.  Ouch!  It was still fun. I am happy. ©

Friday, 3/13/09

Today was good.  We sailed to back to Big Major's Spot, but first we sailed north to Rocky Dundas to snorkel.  We wanted to go to the underwater caves, but the water was too rough, so Dad and Chris went spearfishing instead.  Mom made me stay with her in the dinghy.  She said it wouldn't be pretty and the water was rough.  Then, Chris came back with a big saucereye porgy and said the coral was gorgeous.

After that, we sailed to Big Major's Spot.  Gotta Life is here.  So is Priority.  We ate dinner and then watched MASH.  It was funny.  I am happy. ©

Saturday, 3/14/09

We sailed to Bitter Guana Cay this morning.  Chris and I did school along the way.  Once there, we dinghied to a reef where Bro and Dad spearfished.
  I went with them for a little while, but the water was rough, so I got out.  Mom and I drove around helping them from the dinghy.  They got a Nassau grouper, a conch, 3 Caribbean spiny lobsters, and one Spanish lobster.  It looks like a big cockroach and are sweeter in taste then the Caribbean spiny lobsters.  We'll have a seafood feast tonight.  I am J. ©