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Thursday, 3/10/11

Well, we finally left!  We've been at the marina way too long.  During the morning, we said good-bye to everyone we knew, as well as cleaned up the deck and put Independence up onto the boat.  Mr. Gordon, Mrs. Karen, and their kids, Sarah, Matthew, and Chantelle, brought fried chicken to us for lunch.   It was filling, delicious, and plain out awesome.  They own a boat on our dock, and we have become good friends.  After we ate lunch, we cast off our lines and shouted good-bye for the final time. We were scraping along the bottom as we left the marina because the water was low.  As we went past Seabrook Marina, Uncle Gary was standing on the shore waving good-bye to us.  He lives on his boat, Ruach, there with Aunt Carol.

Once we got out into the bay, we sailed for about 1½ hours and motor-sailed the rest of the way.  All together, we went about 4 hours.  Instead of doing school, we put all the food away. During the past few days, we've been provisioning at Sam's and Costco and Wal-Mart. Besides food, there's still stuff everywhere.  I'm constantly tripping over stuff.  Ugh.

We're now anchored at Baffle Point.  The only other boats here are some dredging barges anchored north of us.  The boat is rolling a bit with the swell, but it's good to be back on the hook anyway.  Today was a good day.  I am happy.
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Friday, 3/11/11

Today we had an early start at 6:30am.  We're in the ICW now, so we have to motor mostly.  But, we sail every now and then.  I love the peacefulness of sailing.  So quiet, so calm, the sound of the waves splashing against the hull.  While we were underway, Bro & I did school.  He's a sophomore, so his school takes a lot longer than mine.

Now we're in Taylor Bayou, TX, after going for about 11 hours.  Chris and I are going to watch Bonanza on our computer soon, so I've got to wrap it up.  Oh, did I mention the million-thousand mosquitos?  They're driving me nuts!  I am happy.
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Saturday, 3/12/11

Today we went to the Calcasieu River.  We were able to sail for most of the way but we motored some.  I had a short day of school, so I had some extra time to hang out while we sailed.  I mostly sat up in the cockpit or just lay around downstairs.

Later, after we anchored and dinner was cooking, Bro & I played chess.  I actually beat him!  I never do, so it was fun.  I'm about to go to bed and play chess with Dad.  He says he's not too good, so I might just win!  Yay!  I am happy.
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P.S.   I won!

Sunday, 3/13/11

We went to the Mermentau River today.  It's a beautiful, quiet place just off the ICW.   We have been here twice before and we always love it.  We did school along the way.  We went through a lock and two pontoon bridges.  Sorta cool.  At the lock, we had to wait and do circles for 1 ½ hours while the commercial barges went through first.

Peregrine, a boat anchored here too, came over in the evening so that we could show them anchorages along the ICW.  This is their first time on the ICW.  After they left, we ate a wonderfully delicious meal of venison sausage and potatoes.  I'm sitting in my bed writing this.  I just beat Chris at both chess and checkers.  Yay!  Well, I gotta go to sleep.  I am happy.
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Monday, 3/14/11

Today we decided to stay here so that we could clean up the boat and get boxes put away.  I beat Chris twice at chess in the morning before school.  After school, we just hung out.  After dinner, we played Farkle, a dice game.  Chris won.  I didn't do too badly.  It took me three turns to get on the board, and then I came in second.  Then Bro crushed me at both chess and checkers.  I guess tonight was his lucky night.  I am happy. J ©