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Sunday, 3/15/09

We went to the beach today.  We walked to the ocean side where there was a little cove with a big, high rock in the middle.  Chris, Dad, & I jumped to the rock.  It was fun.  Also, we built a cairn.  It was huge, taller than me! We also saw iguanas.  Those were cool.

We walked back to the beach on the anchorage-side and Chris & I climbed around on the cliffs.  We ran on the top of the cliff and also played in a big cave at the top of the cliff.  The cave is filled with really soft, fine limestone sand.  It comes from the erosion that made the cave.  We had fun.

After we finished exploring, we sailed to Black Point.  Dad thought the anchorage at Bitter Guana was too rolly.  At Black Point, we walked around the small town and had a good dinner at DeShamons.  While we were at DeShamons, somebody came on the VHF radio and said to go to channel 12 to listen to the space shuttle launch.  We heard the countdown and the controllers talking to the shuttle.   When we left DeShamons, we saw a glowing cloud in the dark sky.  We found out that it was exhaust from the shuttle that was so high in the atmosphere that the sun illuminated it.  That is cool!  I am happy. ©

Monday, 3/16/09

We did laundry this morning.  The laundry mat was really nice. We got there as early as possible so we could be the first ones there and get enough washers.  We needed eight!

After laundry, computer and provisioning, we sailed to Oven Rock (the cave we went to with Socia).  We met up with Tauá there.  We led them, and also Demon di Midi and Moonlight Serenade, to the cave.  We found it more easily this time and I didn't get so scratched up.  We explored, and Chris, Claudia & I swam in the cave lake.  Demon di Midi's dog, Socio, a golden retriever, also got in the water with us.  It was a little bit of a problem, because he kept trying to "save" me when I swam.  Finally, his owner had to make him get out of the water.  I had fun.

Dad went home to do some work and the rest of us went to the bay on the ocean side and found critters, like grub sea cucumbers, fireworms, urchins, and crabs.  It was fun.  Everyone went back, except Mom, Bro, Ms. Monika and the second Ms. Monika (Tauá's guest).  We waited for awhile and I got a ride with Moonlight Serenade back to Liberty.  Then I came back in our dinghy to get Mom & Bro when they got to the beach (which was as soon as I left with Moonlight Serenade).

We went to Tauá for dinner.  Chris, Claudia, and I had fun playing Super Mario Bros. on her Nintendo DS.  I am happy. ©

Tuesday, 3/17/09

We did school this morning.  I did a math test.

We went back to the cave with Tauá this afternoon.  We brought our snorkel gear and underwater headlights and swam in the cave lake.  It was fun.  The water was cold, but it was really cool.  When we came back to the beach, we climbed Oven Rock.

Tauá came over for a snack dinner.  It was good.  Claudia, Chris and I played with Legos.  We built a big starship.  I am
J. ©

Wednesday, 3/18/09

This morning we sailed to Williams Cay.  It is connected to Lee Stocking Island (although it didn't used to be).   We sailed on the outside so that we could fish.  Here's what happened.  Dad was changing a lure on the line.  He had taken the leader off the snap shackle and was pulling it in by hand when a small school of Mahi appeared and started snapping at the lure.  Dad was yelling, "No, no, don't bite the line," but one did!  He tried to attach the line back to the snap shackle, but couldn't, so he pulled it in by hand.  Because it didn't have enough time to fight much and get tired, the fish was going crazy when Dad pulled it up and it managed to get free.  Then, we immediately caught another Mahi on the other line.  We got that one in successfully, got it to the back deck, and put a towel over it to keep it calm.  We put a new, fancy lure on the first line and let it out about 200ft.  All of a sudden, we noticed another sailboat getting very close to us.  He got so close, that he caught our line in his prop.  While we were talking to him on the radio and figuring it all out, our fish flopped off the deck and into the water.  We had forgotten about her in all the craziness.  We were really bummed.  We didn't catch any more fish after that.

After we got the anchor set at Williams Cay, we walked along the oceanside cliffs.  That was fun.   We also decided to walk around a salt pond, but as soon as we stepped on it, we sunk right into the mud.  It was hard to get back out, but it was fun.

We met up with Whisper, a 27ft. sloop.  Ms. Kristin used to work for Skadden, like Dad.  Dad had not ever met her before, but has been e-mailing with them for the last 2 years while they were cruising.  Now they are on their way back to the U.S.   They came over for dinner.  I am happy. ©

Thursday, 3/19/09

This morning, we sailed to Childrens Bay Cay to spearfish.  Dad got a small Nassau grouper and a huge lobster.  Then, we raised the anchor and sailed across the shallow banks to Barraterre.  Chris' friend Erik is flying here from Texas tomorrow to visit for a week.  I can't wait.  We came here, instead of going to George Town, because we knew that if we went on the outside to George Town, we would be stuck there for his entire visit because of the weather.  Here, we are inside on the banks and have more protection.  I am happy. ©

Friday, 3/20/09

Today was awesome!  I did tests in the morning and then I played.  Around 3:00pm, we all played Hearts.  Chris won.  I had fun.  At 5:30pm, Chris and Dad went to pick up Erik at the George Town airport.  His flight was delayed four hours!!!  I am happy. ©

Saturday, 3/21/09

Today we sailed to Leaf Cay.  We went to a beach that we went to with Grandma & Grandpa.  We saw lots of iguanas and found lots of critters in the tide pools, like urchins, anemones, plume worms, and chitons. Chris, Erik, and I found a salt pond, so we checked it out.  When we got back to the beach, we built a sand ball arsenal.
We used them to play stickball.  We had fun.

When we got back to the boat, we moved to Lee Stocking Island.  It is a better anchorage.  We ate dinner and then the kids played Risk.  We haven't finished.  We'll continue in the morning.  I am happy. ©