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Tuesday, 3/15/11

Today was an average day.  We did school on the way to Intracoastal City, aka Middle of Nowhere, LA.  There's a small, cheap dock here at the Shell Morgan fuel dock that you can tie up to for the night.  There's a small grocery store down the street, so we went and got some stuff for dinner.  The last time we were here, it had been destroyed by Hurricane Rita.  They rebuilt it high up on stilts.

Back while we were still on the ICW, we got a phone call that my Great-uncle Clarence had had a heart attack in the morning and died.  I can't believe it.  We're trying to rent a car so that we can go to the funeral on Thursday.  The only car rental place is out of cars, so if they don't have one in the morning, we can't go.  I hope we can.  I am happy (and sad).
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Wednesday 3/16/11 - Friday 3/18/11

At 7:30am, when the Enterprise opened, they had a car waiting for us.  Mr. CJ came and picked us up.  As he drove us the 20 miles to the Enterprise, he showed us these big, flooded fields with traps in them.  Mr. CJ said that they were for crawfish, and when there's no crawfish, they grow rice.

Once we got the car, we drove about 10 ½ hours out of about 14, and did school on the way.  We stopped in Sweetwater, TX for the night.

In the morning, we drove the remaining 3 hours to Littlefield.  We met some of our family at the hotel and went with them to the funeral home.  A lot of our extended family was there.  This is sad for me, so I'd rather not talk about it.

After the services, we drove 4 or 5 hours towards home.  We stopped a bit past Sweetwater for the night.  On Friday, we drove all the way home.  I am happy (and sad).
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Saturday, 3/19/11

Today was a pretty good day.  We tried to get going early, but the fog was too thick.  We had to go back to the dock and wait a little while.  Then we left again.  We went only 15 miles to Bayou Petite Anse, leaving the rest of the day to relax, clean up and empty boxes.  Chris and I did school.  I am happy. J ©

Sunday, 3/20/11

Today, we went to Morgan City, LA.  There's a dock here that we tied up to.  One other boat is here, but they're headed back to Texas.  We talked to them for a while and found out that everything was closed today because it's Sunday.  We wanted to go to Rita Mae's for dinner.  That's too bad.  Last time we were here I had the best shrimp poboy at Rita Mae's.  We went geocaching in the evening.  For more info, go to  There was supposed to be one in a park near a church and an old earthen fort, but we couldn't find it.  It was getting dark, so we came home, ate dinner, and watched Gilligan's Island while we ate.  I am happy. J ©

Monday, 3/21/11

Today we came to Houma, LA.  We did school on the way.  There used to be a coffee shop down the road with internet, so we went there right after docking to get a snack and check emails.  After searching for a ½ hr, we were told that it had closed just 3 weeks ago.  Someone suggested we go to the hospital which is just across the street from our boat.  They have a free signal there.

There's a park and playground right next to the dock that we tied up at.  I met Noe, Mason, & Colin, all about my age.  We ran around the park and played tag.  I had a ton of fun.  After they went home, we at dinner and took showers.  Chris and I watched Gilligan's Island in bed.  I am happy.
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