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Tuesday, 3/22/11

Today was good.  We didn't leave because we needed to fix our special internet antenna so that we'll be able to get internet from the boat.  That will be good.  Bro and I did school while Dad tried to fix it.  He succeeded.  Yay!
Right after school, Chris and I went geocaching.  There were supposed to be two near the boat.  The first one was really small and really hard and we couldn't find it, but Bro thinks it isn't there.  The second one was a lot easier and I found it quickly.  It was right across the canal from the boat at the city morgue.  It was called "Checking out."

Chris found a lizard and named it Gar.  It sat on his leg all day on the boat.  Actually, it walked all over him, even on his face!  Mom said that we can keep him as living pest control - we're gonna let him run around the boat and eat mosquitos and flies and stuff.  Right now he's in the cockpit.
Mason came by after school with Colin and we went to the park and played baseball.  I had fun.  I also showed them around the boat.  They thought it was cool.

We're gonna have dinner soon.  Dad's making pork chops.  Yum.  Fun day!  I am happy.
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Wednesday, 3/23/11

Well, today we left Houma.  When we about to leave, something broke (duh).  But we were able to fix it in time to leave.  Whew.  I had a great time here, like always, but I was ready to leave.

We travelled 7 hrs. and came to Jones Point.  We ate dinner and went to bed.  Pretty much an average day.  I am happy.
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Thursday, 3/24/11

Today was pretty good.  We didn't do school.  Awesome.  Today we also went down the Mississippi River.  We went straight past downtown New Orleans.  It was cool with all the giant buildings and the waterfront and all.  The current in the Mississippi is very strong, so we went past pretty quickly.  We had to wait a long time at the lock to get out of the river, long meaning 2 ½ hours.  It was very annoying.  All the commercial traffic has to go first, and there were 3 barges (commercial traffic) ahead of us.  It takes a long time to get them through the lock.  After we finally got through, we were going to go to a marina so that we could go see New Orleans.  I really wanted to go back to Café Du Monde for beignets.  But the bridge we had to go through to get into Lake Pontchartrain and to the marina is closed for a project, so we can't get through.  Oh well.  Instead, we went to Catfish Point.  We ate a wonderful dinner of homemade calzones and then went to bed.  I am happy. J ©

Friday, 3/25/11

Today was a rather peaceful day.  We left in the morning, but the 20+ knot winds were on the nose, so we came back to Catfish Point for the day.  We did school, then hung around and got miscellaneous tasks done.  We tried to go crabbing, but we couldn't pull the lines in fast enough when they grabbed the bait.  Oh well.  Maybe we'll have better luck next time.  After dinner, we watched The Rookie.  It was good.  I am happy. J ©

Saturday, 3/26/11

Today we came to West Ship Cay.  We did school on the way.  There's an old Civil War fort here, Fort Massachusetts, but it was closed.  It looks like they are doing repairs on it, but there were no signs.  Chris and I were walking around and Chris noticed that the Totten shutters had been replaced.  He said, "These do not look battle ready."  I replied by tapping on them and saying, "Yeah, they're plastic."  He apparently had not noticed that and was quite surprised when I told him.  I also found out that there was a way to open them and look inside.  Chris wanted to sneak in through one, but Mom and Dad wouldn't let him.  Grrr.  At least we got to see a little.

The beaches were very nice.  There were a ton of pieces of huge shells, but no whole ones.  We walked on the beach for a long time.  We saw some cool creatures - three cownose rays, one small shark, a giant school of menhaden, and countless small fiddler crabs which we caught for fun.  I had a good time today.  I am happy.
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Sunday, 3/27/11

Today was a very nice day.  We were trying to go overnight to Florida, but some bad weather forced us to stop here in Biloxi, MS around 11:30am.  This is one of the biggest gambling places in the US, so there are casinos all over Biloxi.  We're gonna have to stay here for a few days because of the weather, so we found a nice marina that's pretty cheap and tied up.

We took nice, long, hot showers at the clubhouse, and then went to walk around Biloxi.  We took a trolley to the Hard Rock Casino and went inside to get ice cream at Ben & Jerry's.  Yum.
J  They had walls of glass cases all over the casino that contained famous singers' stuff, like one of their guitars or a hat or a jacket.  It was cool.

We wandered around Biloxi to find a grocery store.  We found one that used to be a regular grocery store, but now it's a Vietnamese store.  We found a few things we needed and two small striped bass for supper.

On the way home, we stopped at a Catholic Church for evening mass.  We don't usually go to Catholic Church, but it was cool.  It was a contemporary service, so it was a lot like what I am used to.  We came home after a long walk and enjoyed our supper.  I am happy.
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Monday, 3/28/11

We did quite a few things today.  Right after school, Mr. Brian, an old friend of Mom & Dad, came to see us.  Last time Mom & Dad saw him and his family, I wasn't around yet.  He was very nice and it was cool to meet him.

We were thinking about renting a car, when Mr. Mick, someone on a boat here at the marina, lent us his car so that we could run some errands.  That was very kind of him.  First, we went to do laundry.  We haven't done laundry in ages and we're on our last set of clothes.  I'm so glad we could finally do laundry.  We all helped Mom and we got it done in two hours.

Before we continued to Wal-Mart, we stopped at KFC for dinner.  The $5 Buffet was delicious!  I definitely ate my $5 worth.  At Wal-Mart, we bought a ton of stuff.  I am very glad we had a car, although the car wasn't huge, so we all had bags on our laps.  It was still good.  We're putting stuff away right now.  Gotta go help.  I am happy.
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Tuesday, 3/29/11

We had an average morning & afternoon, but the evening was fun.  We did school, and after that we just hung out.  Around 6:00, Mr. Brian came with his family for dinner.  I met Mrs. Yvonne, Kyle (16) and Spencer (12).  After supper, Kyle, Spencer, Chris & I played an exciting game of Risk.  Spencer & I had an alliance, and Chris & Kyle had an unspoken alliance.  Chris was very powerful, so Spencer and I tried hard to attack.  I quickly conquered Africa and heavily fortified it, so nobody could get it.  Chris did the same with Europe, Kyle with Australia, and Spencer with South America.  Most of the fighting went on in North America and Asia.  Then, all of a sudden, Chris conquered North America and was going to get a huge army on his next turn and annihilate us.  To stop this, Spencer and I turned in cards to get large armies and planned a 1-turn campaign to wipe out Chris.  Kyle, we knew, wouldn't be a problem with his small army.  We were part-way through our campaign, which was going very well, when they had to leave.  But Chris did admit that if they didn't, he would've been crushed.  I had a great time.  I am happy. J ©

Wednesday, 3/30/11

Today was good.  After school, we went geocaching along the main street.  We only found 2 out of the 6 we looked for, but I had fun.  I guess we just had a bad day.  Chris thinks there might be a problem with a few of them.
Later, Mr. Mick, his wife Kris, and Mr. Eric, from a boat on our dock, who we met earlier today, came over for a glass of wine and snacks.  The adults talked.  Good day.  I am happy.
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Thursday, 3/31/11

Today was a really fun day.  We rented a car and drove 1 ½ hrs. to Hattiesburg, MS to see my Great-aunt Mary.  She's been sick since last May, but she's starting to recover.  That's good.  Aunt Mary has a Pomeranian, Stormy, and he is adorable.  He would put his front paws up on your chair and sit there until you pet him.  Aunt Mary also has a cat, Missy, but she runs if you come anywhere near her.  After talking for a while, we all went out to a delicious lunch at a Mexican restaurant.  Then we drove around to look at the scenery.  Aunt Mary hasn't been allowed to leave her house for a few months so that she wouldn't get any other sickness while she's recovering, so she was very excited.  Bro & I found our 50th geocache with her, and Aunt Mary thought it was cool.  We had a great time.

After driving back to Biloxi, we hung out for just a little while and then met Mr. Brian, Mr. Yvonne, and Spencer for pizza for dinner.  Kyle had to stay home and do homework.  The food was good.  I had a good day.  I am happy.
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