Friday, 5/1/09

Today is May 1st!  We took Liberty over to town to provision and do laundry.  Then we went back and anchored at Monument Beach next to Side by Side.

When we tot back, Casey and Parker were wakeboarding, so we joined them.  At first, I couldn't get up, but I eventually did it and stayed up for awhile.  I had tons of fun.

We were invited to Side by Side for dinner, along with Pelican and Aly Cat (Caroline).  Parker, Chris and I played SSX and also with nerf guns.  I had fun.  I am happy. ©

Saturday, 5/2/09

Today was okay.  We sailed south through Hog Cay Cut to Water Cay, Jumentos.  While we had a fine sail, Bro and I did school.  When we arrived, Chris, Dad and I snorkeled to another boat to say hi.  We found a Triton's trumpet shell eating a cushion star.  We brought it back to the boat and put it up on deck to watch.  It was cool to see.  Then we put it back in the water.

After dinner, we lost a rug overboard that was drying on deck.  Dad tried to get it, but it sunk too quickly and it was getting dark, so he couldn't see it.
  Oh well.  I am happy. ©

Sunday, 5/3/09

Today was simple.  We made a 43.8 mile, 8hr passage to Buena Vista Cay, Jumentos.  We caught and released two barracudas along the way.  We also caught two Mahi, both of which got off the hook.  When one of the Mahi bit our squid skirt, it got caught on the hook, but the squid skirt slid up on the line.  Then, its mate went to bite the squid skirt and bit right through the line, freeing its mate.

After dinner, we played cards.  I had fun.  I am happy. ©

Monday, 5/4/09

Today was good.  After school, we went to the beach.  There were many rocks.  We played some bocce, but it was hard with all the rock platforms.  Before we played Bocce, Dad and I snorkeled off the beach right off the rocks to look for fish.  It wasn't very pretty, but I had fun helping Dad spot them.  That's my job.

We came home and played and took jump-over showers (naked).  We are alone, so it's OK.  After dinner, we played two games of Knockout Whist and some Spades.  I won both games of Knockout Whist, and Mom & I beat Dad & Chris at Spades.  I am happy. ©

Tuesday, 5/5/09

Today was good.  We went snorkeling on a reef.  Chris went in and saw a 6ft. bull shark, so we moved to a different spot.  The snorkeling wasn't too pretty.  I saw fish egg sacks though. That was cool.

Before snorkeling, we saw some fishermen with big nets.  We went over to see what they were doing.  They put the net in the water, scare the fish off the reef, and then pull it up.  They got tons of fish.  They sell them in Nassau.  They gave us a goat fish, a huge hogfish, and about a half dozen lane snapper!  It's a cool and efficient way to fish.

After snorkeling, we sailed to Double Breasted Cay, Jumentos.  It's pretty here.  I am happy. ©

Wednesday, 5/6/09

Today was great!  We snorkeled on an Elkhorn reef, but the Elkhorn was all dead.  There was a lot of other pretty coral.  I also saw a lot of small grunts.  There were many snapper too.  Dad shot a small schoolmaster.  We fed it to the two lemon sharks under our boat because it was small.  It was cool.  The bigger one just swam slowly up to the surface and swallowed the fish whole.

Then we went to Maycock Cay to explore.  The tide was low, so a lot of the land was exposed.  We walked around on a sand spit and saw a baby shark that was trapped in a small stream of water in the sand.  When the tide comes back in, he will swim out.  While we were dinghying around in the shallow water, we saw five spotted eagle rays.  Those were cool with their white spots.
  It was all cool. I am J. ©

Thursday, 5/7/09

Today was fun.  I sailed Independence with Chris.  We chased a huge stingray.  We call it Big Papi.

Before that, we snorkeled on a non-pretty reef.  There weren't many fish and most of it was deep.  We spent some time on the beach instead, which was more fun.

After dinner, Chris and I played Monopoly and I lost.  I am happy. ©
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