Friday, 5/22/09

Today was a hang-out, no school, rainy day.  Bro & I built a pillow fort in our cabin.  I played in it while Mom & Bro published the website (finally!).

After dinner, Chris & I watched Oliver in our fort.  It was good.  I am happy.©

Saturday, 5/23/09

After school, we went to Exuma Market and shopped.  We were out of cereal.  We bought a lot of provisions.

Then we got back to Liberty just in time for rain.  I had fun today. I am
J. ©

Sunday, 5/24/09

Today we sailed across Exuma Sound to Cat Island.  At first, it was a bit rolly, but it calmed down after a while.  It was a nice sail.  When we arrived, a huge storm hit.  It rained so hard that you couldn't see shore!  There was lightning everywhere.  I was glad that the Batelco tower was right there so that our mast was not the tallest thing in the area.  It passed quickly.  I am
J. ©

Monday, 5/25/09

This morning we sailed to a marina because the anchorage was very rolly, for protection against squalls, and also
to check out our autopilot that went on the fritz from a close lightning strike last night. The anchorage was so rolly that Dad couldn't get the engine on the dinghy when we tried to drop it.  I'm glad we're in the marina now.  It's a nice marina with bikes we can use.  There are lots of sportfishing boats here.  We met Orion and they gave us some Mahi for dinner.  They are nice.

I fished off the dock for fun.  I caught and released 7 small schoolmasters.  Today was really fun.  I am
J.  ©

Tuesday, 5/26/09

Today was great.  We biked to the clubhouse to rent a car.  We got a nice van.  We drove all over Cat Island seeing the sites.

Well, most of what we saw was built by Father Jerome.  So, I'll give you an overview.  He was an architect who became an Anglican minister.  Then he was a Catholic priest and after that, he retired as a hermit and built a hermitage on Mt. Alvernia, which is the highest point in the Bahamas.  It's only 206ft. high!

First, we went to the hermitage.  We had to park at the bottom and walk up the hill.  He had the Stations of the Cross on slabs of rock all the way up the hill.  The hermitage is a tiny complex of small stone rooms.  Father Jerome purposely built the doors too short, so he would have to bow when entering a room in reverence to God.  We even found the cave that he lived in while he built the hermitage.  It is really dark.  Bats live in it now.  It was cool.

We saw two more churches that Father Jerome built.  One was locked.  The other was pretty much a stone building with dirt on the floor and no chairs.  I doubt that it's used.

We went to an old mansion.  It wasn't much and there's nothing to tell.  It is empty and falling apart.

Then we had a lunch picnic on a beach and went back home and swam in the pool.  That was fun.

Orion gave us fresh snapper for dinner tonight.  They are so nice.  After dinner, we watched Evan Almighty.  We borrowed it from the clubhouse.  I liked the movie.  I am
J. ©

Wednesday, 5/27/09

Today was good.  Mom, Bro, and I went to the clubhouse to check out.  Mr. Anton let us exchange a movie we didn't want for Evan Almighty.

We left Cat Island and sailed to Little San Salvador.  We caught a big bull (male) Mahi, but it got off.  Then we got another bull.  After fighting it for 20 minutes, Dad reeled in a 54" bull Mahi!  It was huge.  It was as big as me!  I think that is the largest fish we have ever caught.

We arrived at Little San Salvador.  There is a big resort on the island for the cruise ships to stop at.  There are all sorts of activities, but we couldn't do them, since we're not on a cruise ship.  The cruise ships just come for the day.  We saw one leaving when we arrived.  It was huge!

Since we couldn't go ashore, we swam off Liberty instead.  We played ball and had fun.  I am
J. ©

Thursday, 5/28/09

Today was good.  As we left Little San Salvador this morning, the cruise ship Carnival Miracle was just coming in.  It was just as big as the one last night. 

We are going on an overnight passage to Little Harbour, Abacos.  The seas are nice and calm.  We saw a few whales jump, but they were too far away to identify.  It was cool.  Well, there's nothing else to write.  I am happy.©

Friday, 5/29/09

Today was good.  We arrived in Little Harbour and took a mooring ball.  Mom, Chris and I walked to the oceanside, but there wasn't anything but seaweed and junk.  At 4:00pm, we got an early dinner at Pete's Pub.  We got their famous Coconut Conch.  While we were waiting for our food, Chris and I found a ton of hermit crabs and raced them on the big table.  Mine won once.  We had to leave them when we left.  The mosquitoes were so bad, that we took our food back to the boat.  It was delicious.   I am happy. ©

Saturday, 5/30/09

Today was exciting.  We went to a beach and found tons of tiny sea urchin skeletons.  One was as small as a pea, literally!!!  We found a hermit crab, lost it in the dinghy, and named it Kamikaze when we found it because we made jokes that he was going to jump to his death.

While we were at the beach, Mom looked up and realized that our dinghy was gone.  We saw it floating away towards the ocean cut.  Chris, Dad & I ran across the sharp rocks to get it, while Mom ran back to get help.  Thankfully, a man saw it from his boat and got it with his dinghy just as it was about to go out the cut.  Once we got it, we thanked him and headed back to Liberty.

Mom and I went to pay for the mooring ball.  I found three more hermit crabs to keep:  Zed (mine), Henrietta (Mom's), and Shuriken (Bro's).  Kamikaze is Dad's.

Earlier, when Mom ran back for help to get the dinghy, she did find someone who went out in his dinghy, but we had already retrieved it.  We thanked him and invited him and his guests to Liberty for cocktails tonight.  We found out that Mr. Steve (the guest) is the mayor of Elizabeth City, NC.  We've been there once and it was really nice.  There's a free dock and everything.  Mr. Steve invited us to come back this year and I think we will.  I am happy. ©

Sunday, 5/31/09

Today was awesome!  We sailed to Lynyard Cay.  On the way, Chris and I built an obstacle course for our hermit crabs out of Legos.  It has hurdles and sorta a window type thing they have to crawl through.  The course is super and it works.  The crabs cross the hurdles easily, but have trouble with the window every once in a while.  Mom and Bro found 2 new hermies on the beach today - Shuri Jr. and Kermit.

We met up with Tauá here at Lynyard Cay and they came over for dinner.  Chris, Claudia and I played with the hermit crabs.  I am
J. ©
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