We have found that we are not very good at writing updates about our adventures while we are in the United States.   We often have lists of things we need to do while in the US.  We find ourselves in boatyards and marine stores, trying to ready Liberty for time in more remote places.  We also find ourselves very busy visiting family and friends, and meeting new friends, and taking in the history our own country has to offer.  In short, we don't stop to put pen to paper often enough.  So this year, we are recapping our 2009 US Cruising Season in pictures.  We hope you enjoy them.
We sailed from the Bahamas on June 6th, arriving at Cape Fear, NC on June 9th, just in time to drive to New Jersey to celebrate Nancy's mother's retirement from 20 years of teaching.

On the drive back to Liberty, we saw a sign for Fort McHenry and decided to stop in Baltimore to visit the famous fort and spend a night with our good friends the Smiths.

In Wrightsville Beach, NC we had a wonderful reunion with our cruising friends the Baars.

Sailing north, Father's Day found us in Oriental, NC.  A couple of days later, we stopped in Elizabeth City, NC, where we had met the mayor, Mayor Steve, a month before aboard a sailboat in the Abacos.
Continuing north in the East Coast ICW ...  The Dismal Swamp Canal is really beautiful in the Springtime.  We took a side trip with our dinghy to Lake Drummond. The water was smooth as glass.
We really enjoy the wildlife, including the Osprey that build nests on every marker and yell at us as we go by.  We even saw a brown bear.  He watched us pass by and then swam across the canal.
We share the ICW with commercial vessels and must also ask many bridges to open for us to sail through.
Flown over Liberty for 4th of July
Liberty at anchor in the Potomac River
Fireworks over Washington DC
Josh & Chris with Uncle Dave
Celebrating with Nancy's mom
Josh & Chris enjoyed seeing our old cat Fluffy again
Fort McHenry - for which the "Star Spangled Banner" was written
Josh, Chris, Gwen & Nora
Dave & Dan get wild with Rock Band
Josh, John & Chris at Fort Fisher
Having fun at the Baars' house
We enjoyed a musket demonstration at
 Fort Fisher

Josh & Chris with good friends Daniel & John
Enjoying the beach at Wrightsville Beach with our friends
Breakfast for Dad on Father's Day
Having fun in Oriental, NC
Elizabeth City, Harbor of Hospitality
Lots of great produce at the Farmer's Market
We watched a Local Chef
 "Cook-Off" at the market

Reflections on the glassy water of Lake Drumond
Dam at Lake Drummond
We had to use a trolley to get the dinghy from the stream into the lake
South Mills Lock into the Dismal Swamp
The Dismal Swamp Canal
The ICW in North Carolina
A tree all by itself in the middle of Lake Drummond
Nancy controls the lines in the South Mills Lock
We have seen many bald eagles along the ICW
An osprey, perched on a channel marker, guards her nest.  They usually scream at us as we sail past.
The ospreys love to build their nests in the markers along the ICW
Swing Bridge on the Alligator River
A tug pushing a barge on the ICW
US Navy ships in Norfolk, VA